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Intellyx Whitepaper

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Observing and Managing the Integration Infrastructure by Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx Middleware is an essential part of modern distributed computing, but it can be difficult to manage and troubleshoot. Observability is key to managing middleware effectively, and meshIQ provides a powerful observability platform for middleware. This white paper will give you an overview of middleware, The challenges around it, The role of observability in solving these issues and how various industries manage these challenges. Read the paper to learn:

  • What is Integration Infrastructure?
  • What is Middleware?
  • What is Integration MESH?
  • The Integration MESH Challenge
  • The Role of Observability for Integration MESH
  • Typical Industry Use Cases in Retail, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare
  • meshIQ: Observability and Management via a single pane of glass

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About meshIQ

meshIQ is a global organization with offices in the United States. meshIQ platform’s full capabilities move beyond monitoring with comprehensive observability and management. Obtaining actionable insights from middleware mesh, bringing focus and clarity to complex hybrid environments. Application and Integration DevOps professionals in industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Major Retail, and Manufacturing rely heavily on messaging, event processing, and streaming to build mission-critical applications. With technological expertise, operational excellence, and a global footprint, meshIQ is the world’s leading partner of choice for enterprises that reduces failures and runs with greater efficiency.