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Enterprise Architect

Scale on demand with a self-healing and a scalable architecture

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meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
meshIQ For Enterprise Arcitecture

End-to-End Observability That Empowers Scalability

For architects who care about broader application infrastructure, the end-to-end observability of enterprise integration landscape becomes critical as it allows application teams to resolve bottlenecks which eventually cause outages. As the outage in one application can spread to others, proactive alerting helps resolve configuration issues in time and improves uptime. It becomes even more important for SaaS app providers as outages impact Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time to Recover (MTTR).

Deliver scalable architecture while improving uptime and performance using meshIQ.

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Improve MTBF and MTTR by Reducing Outages and Improving MESH Performance

  1. Gain deeper real-time insights from integration infrastructure to improve MESH performance
  2. Reduce outages due to configuration errors, recover from outages quickly
  3. Track all confirmation changes across the MESH and rollback quickly as needed, improve deployments.
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Manage Integration Topologies, Pinpoint Bottlenecks and Troubleshoot Faster

  1. Manage, own and publish integration topologies for the enterprise
  2. Identify usual bottlenecks to re-design the topology for better performance
  3. Overlay collected statistics on the topology to achieve a real-time operational view
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Manage Configuration Drift With Automated Remedial Actions

  1. Enable app teams to automate regular administrative tasks for MESH management
  2. Clean-up non-compliant attributes automatically to reduce slowdowns and bottlenecks
  3. Trigger remedial actions from external applications, utilities or APIs
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
Complex Infrastructures Simplified

Monitor your Messaging and Middleware Ecosystem

Dive deep into your message queues and topics. Monitor message paths, throughput, and accessibility with precision, and preemptively spot and address potential bottlenecks and improve Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time to Recover (MTTR).

Proactive Alerts

Empower Your Team to Troubleshoot Faster

Utilize our tailored designed for DevOps platform, to shape robust monitoring blueprints for optimal efficiency. Quick identify bottlenecks and re-design your topology for optimal performance. Maximize your observability and a achieve a real-time operational view of your integration infrastructure.

meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
Library of Integrations

Connect to Any Middleware

Automate routine administrative tasks within your MESH management system, giving your application teams the freedom to focus on more strategic initiatives. With our advanced feature set, non-compliant attributes are automatically identified and cleaned up, minimizing system slowdowns and eliminating bottlenecks. meshIQ is built for integration, enabling you to trigger remedial actions directly from external applications, utilities, or APIs.

What are our Client’s Saying?

Our requirements are tough and our expectations are very high. meshIQ has worked hard to deliver what we needed especially for our most market critical and highly exposed business applications.

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Industry: Banking

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