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Infrastructure observability that enables scalability and action

meshIQ G2 Awards
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform

Observability of Your Integration Infrastructure

Improve your middleware observability across your enterprise integration landscape using a single pane of glass. Ingest metrics, events, logs and traces from all major messaging, event processing and streaming platforms deployed in hybrid Cloud and monitor them using a single solution. A modern enterprise uses a wide range of integration platforms such as Kafka, Azure ESB, ActiveMQ, Solace, RabbitMQ, Tibco EMS and IBM MQ etc. all which expose a different set of metrics. This makes monitoring and alerting based on a wide range of metrics a huge challenge.

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Full Middleware Observability

  • Monitor everything in real-time
  • All integration platforms supported
  • Flexibility of setting of custom thresholds
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Real-Time Alerting Capabilities for Maximized Uptime

  • Alerts when thresholds are exceeded
  • Remediate issues across all integration platforms with consistency and reliably
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Ingest Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces

  • All major integration platforms supported
  • Consistent processes from a reliable platform
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
Complex Infrastructures Simplified

Monitor Your Messaging and Middleware Ecosystem

See deep inside your message queues & topics to monitor the performance of your middleware systems, including message flows, message rates and availability. Proactively catch problems & bottlenecks before they impact your applications.

Proactive Alerts

Empower Your Team to Avoid Outages

Use our wizard to create monitoring policies that deliver optimum performance. Define alerts that trigger automated actions to proactively catch and address issues before they happen.

meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
Library of Integrations

Connect to Any Middleware

No data is beyond reach thanks to our fully supported open-source library of integrations. Expand your reach to collect metrics, logs, messages and more from any middleware platform or data source.

What are our Client’s Saying?

I love how it allows us to access performance trends and statistics in real-time.

The overall experience was amazing and fantastic for both us and our clients and we were able to improve efficiency and cost-savings by 80% within the first 3 months of deployment.

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Industry: Hospitality

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Change the Way You View Your Integration Infrastructure

meshIQ’s award winning platform is trusted by leading brands in a variety of different industries. Speak with a meshIQ expert and learn how our middleware observability platform can help your team reach its optimization goals.