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Consolidate integration management and observability with meshIQ

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meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
meshIQ For Shared Services Teams

Manage Complex Integration Platforms With Ease

Shared services teams are tasked with managing complex integration platforms that support mission critical applications 24X7.  In addition to infrastructure governance and upkeep, the teams are inundated with requests from the development teams to create objects such as brokers, topics, queues, etc. on a regular basis.

As a result, the shared services teams use several tools to manage and monitor the integration platforms resulting in spiraling cost and complexity which goes up every time the developer team adds a new integration platform. 

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Consolidate Integration Management and Observability in a Single Platform

  • Create objects across any supported MESH platform using either UI or API
  • Configure dashboards to track any attribute from available schemas
  • Replace multiple tools by one platform to achieve simplicity, efficiency and cost savings
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Visualize Integration Topologies, Pinpoint Bottlenecks and Troubleshoot Faster

  • Visualize relationships between MESH objects across all integration platforms
  • Overlay collected statistics on the topology to achieve a real-time operational view
  • Gain the end-to-end view of integration topologies to detect bottlenecks and troubleshoot faster
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Manage Access Control for Objects & Configurations

  • Implement granular access control for developers to view and edit messages
  • Manage and promote configurations for all supported MESH platforms across hybrid cloud
  • Full audit trail of configuration changes with the ability to rollback selective changes as needed
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
Complex Infrastructures Simplified

Monitor Your Messaging and Middleware Ecosystem

Deep dive into your message queues and topics to oversee your middleware systems’ performance, encompassing message trajectories, rate of messages, and accessibility. With confidence and foresight, proactively identify obstacles and bottlenecks, ensuring no interruptions to your shared services.

Proactive Alerts

Empower Your Team to Avoid Outages

Leverage our guided tool to craft monitoring strategies for peak performance. Establish alerts that initiate automated responses, confidently and proactively identifying and resolving challenges before they arise. Embrace a mindful approach to system oversight, ensuring a optimized and efficient shared services infrastructure.

meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
meshIQ Middleware Observability Platform
Library of Integrations

Connect to Any Middleware

Harness the potential of our comprehensive open-source library, ensuring that no data remains unseen. Gather metrics, logs, communications, and more from any middleware platform or data repository in your system. Have confidence to optimize the performance of your your shared services infrastructure.

Future Proof Support for Middleware Platforms

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. Application teams prefer to use the latest and greatest middleware. That means you will need to support new platforms in future. By using meshIQ’s platform, you future proof observability and management of your integration stack as your application teams adopt new technology reducing cost, complexity and risk.

meshIQ Middleware Management Platform

What are our Client’s Saying?

Our requirements are tough and our expectations are very high. meshIQ has worked hard to deliver what we needed especially for our most market critical and highly exposed business applications.

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Change the Way You View Your Integration Infrastructure

meshIQ’s award winning platform is trusted by leading brands in a variety of different industries. Request a demo today to learn how our platform can help your team reach its optimization goals.