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Observe, Manage & Track

Middleware Observability & Management Software for Messaging, Event Processing, and Streaming Across Hybrid Cloud (MESH)

  • Complete observability and monitoring of Integration MESH with 360° Situational Awareness®
  • Securely manage, and automate configuration, administration, and deployment
  • Track, trace, and analyze transactions, messages and flows
  • Collect, monitor, and benchmark MESH performance
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meshIQ delivers granular access controls to manage configurations across the MESH to reduce downtime and quick recovery from outages.

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Provides the ability to find, browse, track, and trace messages to detect bottlenecks and speeding up root-cause analysis.

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Unlocks the integration blackbox to deliver visibility across the MESH infrastructure to visualize, analyze, report, and predict.

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Delivers the ability to trigger automated actions based on pre-defined criteria or intelligent actions determined by AI/ML.

▪ Implement granular access controls ▪ Monitor change logs ▪ Rollback as needed for remediation GOVERNANCE ▪ Find, browse, trace, and track messages ▪ Speed up root-cause analysis ▪ Detect bottlenecks early in cycle INTROSPECTION ▪ Automate actions based on events ▪ Trigger automations via IT platforms ▪ Intelligent actions using AI/ML ACTION ▪ Stitch messages into transactions ▪ Use machine learning to predict ▪ Visualize, identify, report, and analyze INTELLIGENCE ▪ Single pane of glass ▪ End-to-end monitoring ▪ On-prem, cloud, and appliances Monitor ▪ New artifacts, deploy topologies ▪ Support multiple platforms ▪ Simplify configuration management Configure ▪ Weave integration in DevOps ▪ Shift left, detect early ▪ Speed up integration deployments DevOps ▪ Integration slowdowns and bottlenecks ▪ Prevent failures and outages ▪ Improve MTTR and meet SLAs Diagnose