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Track and automate your middleware-powered deployments through your entire business

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meshIQ Middleware Tracking Platform
Tracking and Analytics

The Complete AIOps and Middleware Tracking Solution  

Modern apps trigger thousands or even millions of transactions per day and each transaction triggered follows a very complex path passing through the different integration platforms. Any one of these platforms can impact the performance and ultimate success of the transaction. Both developers and administrators would like to see how their transactions are performing and be aware of bottlenecks in the chain.

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AIOps with long term trending, and analytics

  • Ingest metrics, logs and transactions to visualize relationships, find patterns and detect anomalies
  • Apply a wide range of machine learning algorithms to present a predictive view of events, allowing problems to be identified and resolved quickly
  • Create data topologies and create transaction lineage
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Track and Trace Transactions

  • Track messages as they flow through application integration platforms
  • Capture messaging events, perform criteria-based searches of messages using queries
  • Pinpoint problems across complex Messaging and Event Streaming topologies accurately and quickly
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Visualization and Reporting

  • Generate transaction reports which are meaningful to business unit leaders
  • Create performance analytics and audit reports to track delayed transactions
  • Identify hotspots and exceptions to trigger alerts to reduce outages
meshIQ Middleware Tracking Platform

Long Term Trending and Robust Analytics

Application developers may have limited visibility into integration topologies. By gaining a complete understanding of the data topologies, developers and admins can visualize end-to-end transaction flows and pin-point problems quickly. Additionally, they can ingest data to generate long term trends and use AI/ML to predict performance bottlenecks and outages.

Effortless Visual Representations

English Like Query Language

Take a deep dive into your data with our intuitive, English-like query language. Effortlessly transform these queries into visual representations that illustrate the dynamics and patterns of your data as it flows through your application stack.

meshIQ Middleware Tracking Platform
meshIQ Middleware Tracking Platform
Scale With Ease

Scalability and Multi-Tenancy

meshIQ’s middleware tracking platform scales with your apps. As the applications grow and process higher transaction volumes, our solution provides vertical and horizontal scaling to manage high transaction volumes. The clustered architecture ensures elastic scalability, enabling dynamic workload tracking.

What are our Client’s Saying?

Our requirements are tough and our expectations are very high. meshIQ has worked hard to deliver what we needed especially for our most market critical and highly exposed business applications.

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