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meshIQ | G2 Badge Best Support Winter 2023

Continuous Performance Regression Testing for CI/CD.Run performance benchmarks on Java applications, identify increased response times and decreased throughput, and ship higher-quality code.

Full life-cycle management for Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, and Tibco EMS. Browser-based administration to reduce operational risk with automated audited deployment & secure self-service configuration management at scale.

Transaction tracking and message tracing for IBM MQ, Apache Kafka, and more! Business and IT operational application performance monitoring, observability, analytics, and alerting to achieve SLAs, problem diagnostics and root cause analysis, regulatory compliance, and Management Information.

How fast is your MQ environment? Record the speed of synthetic transactions through IBM MQ.

Gain visibility into your Java apps with bytecode instrumentation to track calls such as HTTP, Web Services, JDBC, JMS, Sockets, WebSocket, IO Streams, Kafka, and other inter JVM/IPC communications. Connect and correlate calls and messages across the JVM.