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Services for Architecture Assessment

meshIQ has expert consultants who can view your architecture with fresh eyes, make an objective assessment of your entire environment, and offer expert recommendations on how to best manage and control it to ensure reliability and optimize performance.

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Architecture Assessment

You work with the integration infrastructure and meshIQ solutions in your environment every day. Sometimes when you’re that close to something it’s difficult to see it objectively.

If you’re currently considering or have recently purchased any part of the meshIQ platform, or if you’re in the process of, or contemplating changing your environment, this service offering is ideal to help you ensure a successful outcome.

Who Benefits From this Service?


Companies close to making a decision about purchasing a Middleware or AIOps solution.


New meshIQ customers at the start of their implementation process.

Proof of Concept

Companies going through a POC (Proof of Concept) process with meshIQ or any AIOps/Observability or systems management vendor.


Current customers who are using any part of the meshIQ platform in production mode and are adding new functionality to their infrastructure or expanding their use of the meshIQ platform (e.g. bringing a new application or new remote facilities or branches under the meshIQ platform’s control)

Service Package Description


Brings a high-level senior technical resource into the sales and implementation process at the beginning to examine and assess what clients really need from a total solution perspective and how the meshIQ platform’s software modules and services can best be applied to provide that solution over time.


Applies senior technical assessments and recommendations from an expert to ensure the successful implementation and effectiveness of the expanded usage.


The physical deliverable is a written assessment of what specific problems and challenges exist in a specific environment, how MESH technology (and possibly other complementary technologies) can address them, which elements of the total solution are the highest priority and represent the greatest potential for near-term client benefit, and what services might be valuable to best assist implementing a total and comprehensive solution.