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Services for Performance Evaluation

This service offering package puts an expert onsite at your shop to examine how and where you could be getting more value from the meshIQ platform.

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meshIQ Assessment and Performance Service

If you’re like many customers of the meshIQ platform or its related components, you may only be taking advantage of and realizing the benefits from a fraction of the full complement of the meshIQ platform features and capabilities. There may be a variety of benefits you could be reaping without even realizing it.

Who Benefits From this Service?

Existing customers who have been using the meshIQ platform or components in production mode for at least 4-to-6 months post-implementation.

Service Package Description


This offering is intended to assess how, and how effectively, you are using the meshIQ platform in your environments, various ways in which you might optimize your current use of the product to ensure you are deriving top value, and assess other areas in which you could benefit from using XRay, AutoPilot, Navigator or others such as adding business views, other modules, plug-ins, etc. or taking advantage of training or professional services to further maximize the value you’re already getting from meshIQ.


a meshIQ consultant visits onsite to review how the meshIQ software is being used and by whom, talking with your users about their experience of using the product, identifying “quick hits” for optimizing use and adding value and then implementing them. These quick hits may include spot training on certain key skills, tweaking business rules or event filters, expanding a business view, etc.


The physical deliverable is a written report of findings and recommendations for targeted ways in which you could benefit from expanding your application of the meshIQ platform.