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Published July 16, 2020

A Really Big Blog!

A Really Big Blog!

On my first trip to India I stayed right across from the gateway of India. This is a tourist area, especially popular for the locals, and some international travelers.  From my hotel window, I could see street vendors with these really big balloons. They were probably 6 feet in length. Later that day I decided to take a stroll around that area. No sooner had I stepped across to that side of the street, that I was approached by a balloon vendor.  “I wanted one of those balloons didn’t I”?  And he would sell me six of them for only 100 Rupees which was about a dollar.  “That’s a bargain” I thought and I’m sure my kids would really love having those giant balloons. So I handed over my hundred rupees and he gave me a bag of balloons. I took two steps at most, and another balloon vendor comes up to me and says “you know those aren’t the really big balloons don’t you”?  Right away, I knew I had been tricked.

Thinking back, the original vendor did not say they were the really big balloons, he just said they were balloons.  So I graciously told the new vendor “no thanks” and went on my way. I was approached by several additional vendors until I took the balloons and stashes them as far down in my pocket as I could so that nobody knew I had them.  I did some more sightseeing around the area and a short time later found myself back in the balloon sales area. Of course I was approached again by another vendor. I pointed out to him that I had already gone through this and showed him my balloons.

He apologized that I had been sold these small balloons.  He was willing to sell me big balloons for another hundred rupees if I traded in the ones I had. OK, so it seemed like a good idea so I gave him a hundred rupees and he said you can even keep the original balloons. And then he gave me my big balloons. Of course, I took another few steps, and was approached by another balloon vendor, who pointed out that of course those weren’t the really big balloons.  So I realized this could go on all day if I wanted.  I suspect there probably were a dozen sizes before I got to the really big ones.

I was reminded of this recently when I saw some ads on Facebook for toy tractors. In one of the videos, the tractor was picking up a person.  In another, the boy opening it could barely see over the box it came in.  But when I the comments, one of the people who would bought it, said “mine came in a shoebox”.  Apparently, he had not got the really big tractor.

At Nastel, we take pride in what we sell.   For over 25 years we have been building products that businesses rely on every day.  You probably use services on a daily base that are being managed and monitored by Nastel products.  For example, if you are shopping, buying a computer, paying a bill or getting money from an ATM, there is a good chance that Nastel played a role in ensuring that service was available.