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Published September 2, 2022

Confluent for Apache Kafka and Confluent for Kubernetes

Confluent for Apache Kafka and Confluent for Kubernetes

Apache Kafka is an open-source software platform for processing streams of events. Developed for the streaming and archiving of data, Kafka is now supported by a large ecosystem of third-party applications. Developed by the founders of Confluent, Kafka was initially created in 2007 while the three creators were at LinkedIn. Now, each holds his or her own professional profile at LinkedIn. In 2018, Amazon launched a fully managed version of Kafka.

While Kafka has grown rapidly over the last decade, the platform’s developers and community have been working to make it more user-friendly. Today, Kafka-based streaming data solutions are available through cloud providers, and Apache Kafka is the most popular open source solution. However, with increasing competition from cloud providers and emerging open source projects, Confluent has a distinct advantage. With many large enterprises moving toward multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud deployments, it is crucial for companies to standardize their real-time streaming data infrastructure stack. In addition, cloud providers don’t generally make their products interoperable.

Despite the aforementioned advantages, Kafka has some significant downsides. Kafka can suffer from high volume of message loss and can result in data loss, which can be a problem for many organizations. In addition, it is susceptible to quality issues and quantity issues. With this in mind, Apache Pulsar can eliminate data loss and keep Kafka up to date. Those drawbacks are reasons to upgrade to a more modern version of Apache Kafka.

Confluent has released Confluent for Kubernetes, a platform that brings cloud-native capabilities to Apache Kafka clusters in private infrastructures. Confluent’s Apache Kafka expertise helps developers and DevOps teams take advantage of this new private cloud Kafka service. So, what can Confluent do for your business? The company has developed Confluent for Kafka as an enterprise-ready platform. Despite its shortcomings, Confluent is a cloud-native platform that helps companies and developers run applications that require large amounts of data.

LinkedIn’s founders, meanwhile, scaled the Kafka application to handle billions of messages. With their software, they eventually open-sourced it to the Apache Software Foundation. Earlier this year, Confluent, which spun out of LinkedIn, launched a fully managed version of Kafka for enterprises. In a round of funding led by LinkedIn and its own investors, the company has since acquired the custom of many tech luminaries. Confluent has even been a major contributor to the Kafka open-source project.

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