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On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand: Fully Observable Event MESH Powered by Solace and meshIQ

May 2, 2023 11:00 am ET


Learn from the “Solace Expert” the values of Solace in your event mesh and how they are the best option in various scenarios using real customer use cases. In addition, learn how meshIQ can increase observability of Solace as well as other components of the integration mesh. Finally, we will look at open telemetry, an emerging standard for distributed tracing and how meshIQ observability allows for full visibility across your application stack.



Who Should Attend this Webinar?

If you are a Solace or meshIQ customer and/or considering our products OR are interested in building, scaling and leveraging an Event Driven architecture then you should attend this webinar.


Richard Nikula

Richard Nikula

Vice President of Development and Support at meshIQ

As the Vice President of Development and Support, Richard is responsible for the entire development lifecycle of all meshIQ products. He runs meshIQ’s global development organization and QA. He is an integration and observability expert, as well as open telemetry and application stacking specialist. He is a graduate of Washington State University and lives in Texas, where he is known for Magnolia Musical Christmas, his over-the-top light display.

Thomas Kunnumpurath

Vice President of Systems Engineering for Americas at Solace

Thomas Kunnumpurath is the Vice President of Systems Engineering for Americas at Solace where he leads a field team across the Americas to solution the Solace PubSub+ Platform across a wide variety of industry verticals such as Finance, Retail, IoT and Manufacturing. Prior to joining Solace, he spent over a decade of his career leading engineering teams responsible for building out large scale globally distributed systems for real time trading systems and credit card systems at various banks. Thomas enjoys coding, blogging about tech, speaking at conferences and being invited to talk on PodCasts.