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On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand: meshIQ and TxMQ Jointly Present… Mastering Streaming Queues in IBM MQ

Tuesday, April 18, 2023, 11:00 am ET


Streaming queues were released in 2021 with the IBM MQ 9.2.3 CD release. However, for many, the feature became available with the IBM 9.3 LTS release in June of 2022. As such, adoption is just getting underway. At meshIQ, we recognized the potential of streaming queues and have supported them since delivery. When viewed from the perspective of the integration MESH, streaming queues elevate MQ beyond messaging. There are many use cases for streaming queues. In this session, we will introduce the basic concepts of streaming queues and examine these three scenarios:

  1. Create an audit trail for all activities through the queue
  2. Create an alternate workflow for the messages
  3. Access the valuable data flowing through the IBM MQ message queues

Who Should Watch It?

  • IBM MQ developers and administrators


Richard Nikula

Richard Nikula

VP, Product Development and Support

As the Vice President of Development and Support, Richard is responsible for the entire development lifecycle of all meshIQ products. He runs meshIQ’s global development organization, including Q&A, support, and services. He is an integration and observability expert, and his work spans both mainframe and distributed computing, including IBM MQ, CICS, all Cloud infrastructures, and everything in between. He is a graduate of Washington State University and lives in Texas, where he is known for his over-the-top Christmas display.