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AIOps systems integrate big data, machine learning, and analytics to improve IT operations by providing proactive and personal insights through monitoring, automation, and service desk tasks. They also allow the usage of numerous data sources and data-gathering methods. In theory, AIOps can reduce the expenses associated with IT concerns by providing faster remedies to outages and other performance issues.

Big data and machine learning are combined in AIOps to provide predictive outcomes that help speed up root-cause analysis (RCA) and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). Your ITOps can improve over time by providing intelligent, actionable insights that support a better level of automation and cooperation, saving your company time and money.

AIOps solutions decrease the flood of alerts that inundate IT teams by learning over time which sorts of warnings should be given to which teams, decreasing redundancy and, as a result, boosting an IT organization’s capacity to be a valuable business partner. An IT operations platform with built-in AIOps capabilities can assist IT operations in proactively identifying and correcting possible issues with the services and technologies it provides to a business.

“Future of AIOPs for Businesses” is a webinar by Group Futurista to help businesses understand the advantages of utilizing AIOPs systems.

In a keynote presentation, Albert explores the ongoing evolution of IT service management with AIOps and its benefits to the IT organization and the broader business.

Discussion Points

  • AIOps: Moving beyond the trigger-driven alerts model with deep learning.
  • Why is AIOps Important for Businesses of the Future? Intelligence Industry.
  • The importance of AIOps within Value Stream Management.

Who Should Watch?

CXO, VP, Director, Head, Manager, or Specialist of:

  • AIOps
  • IT Ops
  • Cloud and Transformation
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Product Management
  • Technology Research
  • Digital Transformation
  • AI Markets and Innovation
  • Product Experience
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Systems Management
  • Workload Automation
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Data Management
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science


Albert Mavashev

Albert Mavashev

CTO, Nastel Technologies

Albert Mavashev, CTO, Nastel Technologies As CTO of Nastel Technologies, Albert Mavashev is an AIOps and Integration Infrastructure expert, constantly monitoring trends and directions to turn ideas into real-world solutions and producing actionable guidance for his customers. His specialties include IT Service Management, Ops & DevOps, Application Performance Measurement & Practices, Integration Infrastructure/Middleware, Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics @ Scale, Clustered Computing, Big+Fast Data, Transaction Analytics, Complex Event Processing (CEP), as well as Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Libra, digital tokens/assets, and building & scaling digital de-centralized economies.

Ken Hubbell

Ken Hubbell

SVP, Senior Manager at Wells Fargo

Ayorinde Thompson John

Ayorinde Thompson John

Head of Agile Transformation for CIB, Markets Equities Technology at JP Morgan Chase

Rinku Saha

Rinku Saha

Senior Data Scientist (VP), Client Insights & Analytics at Truist