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Published April 1, 2020

I hope you are safe and well (COVID – 19)

I hope you are safe and well (COVID - 19)

COVID – 19 – This is not the first time the world has experienced a deadly contagious plague, and it’s likely to not be the last.

Our world has changed, and for many of us who are now working from home, this is a time to make use of technology as our primary way of performing business. For myself, I’m in one room running marketing for a software company, while my lovely wife is managing the logistics for her schools’ special needs program from another.

I’m amazed at how well the technology is performing. My google mesh network and Verizon FIOS have worked perfectly, not a single hint of a slowdown. The power has been seamless, and all the online services I rely on from gotomeeting, zoom, skype, cloud providers, retailers, CRM, banking services etc. are all providing incredible levels of service.

Our company’s IT team have ensured all the internal systems have worked perfectly.

Being an “office worker”,gives me the chance to shelter in place, avoid everyone else on the planet, and only take walks that ensure I can keep more than 6 feet away from anyone.

I know everyone is not in this situation, and I’m one of the window-based clappers every night at 7pm here in New York City saluting everyone out there who is keeping this world possible.

I thank each and every one of you!