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Published May 24, 2022

Kafka Summit 2022

Kafka Summit 2022

We had a fantastic time at the Kafka Summit in London this year. It was so great to be meeting everyone face to face again after such a long break. It was interesting to see how people had progressed with their Kafka implementations. At the 2019 event people were just getting started trying out Kafka in small test environments but no one had enough production experience to know understand their needs for management at scale and production support.

This year we presented our Nastel Platform for complete lifecycle management of Apache Kafka as well as the derivatives (Confluent, Cloudera, IBM Event Streams). Whilst our solution covers monitoring and secure self-service configuration, It was particularly notable that people were extremely interested in our transaction tracking solution which covers end to end tracking of business transactions across multiple middlewares and infrastructures showing both a business and IT view and providing alerting and root cause analysis as well as management information. You can read more about the solution here.

The recordings and slides for all the sessions are now available here including the Keynote, the Breakout Sessions, and the Lightning Talks.

Now, we’re looking forward to doing it again in Austin, Texas at “Current 2022: The Next Generation of Kafka Summiton October 4-5th the definitive source for all things data streaming and the only place where the entire community of real-time technology leaders and developers will come together to share best practices and common use cases while exploring the vision and future of data streaming.

See you there!