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Published September 2, 2020

Need a way to reduce costs and improve application performance at the same time?

Need a way to reduce costs and improve application performance at the same time?

Application Performance – Much of the costs associated with implementing a new app or upgrading an existing app are operational. For most companies at least a quarter of their entire IT budget is aligned to integration and configuration management. For large complex business applications this demands the use of advanced messaging middleware platforms, which once setup, can be incredibly awkward to change.

For many companies even changing the version of existing messaging middleware platforms can be a very expensive and time-consuming challenge. So much so, that old releases are often left alone even beyond their end of life, where updates are no longer available. Many companies end up running various different releases of messaging middleware, and often across messaging middleware from a variety of vendors. This can create a significant security and governance issue, and a material risk to the business.

We believe there is a better way!

Nastel Navigator is the premier solution used by enterprises of all sizes (including many of the very largest) to improve the management and security of messaging middleware environments. It works across a wide variety of messaging middleware systems including IBM MQ, Tibco EMS and Kafka, and allows all messaging middleware servers to be managed centrally while allowing administrators to pass secure and private access to each to user without compromise.
With the ability to perform global changes as simply as search, select and move, cut and paste. And with full roll-back and scheduling functionality, companies can move from thousands of FTE hours of work to implement a change to just minutes.

Moving between middleware systems or moving to the cloud become viable for the first time.

The cost savings in terms of invested time and systems is massive, but the improvements in governance, systems performance and reliability can be immeasurable.

If you use messaging middleware and are looking for a way to reduce costs and improve performance, consider Nastel Navigator.