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Published January 11, 2020

Letter from David Mavashev

Dear Customers, Colleagues, and Partners,

I hope that you, your families and colleagues are safe, healthy and secure in this very challenging time. The current economic crisis, induced by government to fight the global pandemic, is forcing us to take some creative and bold actions.

In our own way, we can help strengthen and reduce the pandemic’s negative impact on businesses that rely on our solutions. We are focused on adjusting to the needs of our customers and continuing to innovate. Nastel personnel are equipped to work from home with remote access to all necessary tools. Our entire team across the world is fully prepared to provide round-the-clock high-quality services to all of our customers. We encourage you to use the Nastel Support System to ensure you get timely service.

Most enterprise personnel are now working from home offices, including IT Infrastructure, Operations, DevOps, Support and Engineering teams. We recognize that having highly scalable and secure self-service systems are essential to your business in helping contain the pandemic. We expect that you may need to expand the usage of our products and plan to make that as easy as possible. At Nastel, we are committed to helping you automate, improve collaboration and efficiency of business users, application developers, middleware, IT and production support teams. It is also important to ensure high availability and reliability of your critical business services. As a result of the current crisis, there can be an increase in reputational, operational and financial risks. We are here to help you reduce the impact by keeping your personnel safe with the ability to deal with critical problems remotely.

As part of our effort to help cope with the current crisis, I am offering a free health check to our customers to make sure that Nastel products are fully optimized for remote work. In addition, I have also authorized a free 10-user license of our Nastel Navigator Express self-service solution for Middleware Administrators and DevOps for remote work. We can also assist in cost reduction by consolidating monitoring with our solution while improving services. For a quick response, click here to contact us.

If you have any other needs, you can contact the Nastel team. Should you encounter any issues, you can always contact me directly.


David Mavashev
Founder and CEO
Nastel Technologies, Inc.