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meshIQ for RabbitMQ

MESH for RabbitMQ

The complete monitoring, alerting, tracking, tracing, reporting, and observability solution for RabbitMQ and the surrounding infrastructure.

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With thousands of production deployments in enterprises of all sizes, RabbitMQ is a lightweight and easy-to-deploy open-source message broker that supports multiple messaging protocols, such as AMQP, STOMP, and MQTT.

Written in the Erlang programming language and built on the Open Telecom Platform framework, today RabbitMQ runs on several operating systems and cloud environments and provides a range of developer tools for many popular languages.

Operational Monitoring and Observability

Operational Monitoring and Observability

Ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission-critical digital services via tracking of metrics from RabbitMQ while simultaneously offering deep-dive insight into the underlying infrastructure itself.

AutoPilot for RabbitMQ delivers real-time monitoring, with proactive alerting, and both user-defined and out-of-the-box prescriptive actions, ensuring high performance and availability of the RabbitMQ message brokers deployed across the enterprise.

meshIQ has embedded its own expertise and experience in “out-of-the-box” pre-built actionable dashboards and policies to providing business views and alerting for RabbitMQ to handle the most common situations enabling you to get up and running straight away before using the simple wizard to configure it for your own unique scenarios.

Example scenarios include:

  • Queues with/without consumers
  • Connections, Exchanges, Consumers
  • Publish In / Out rates
  • Pending messages, Messages delivered, Messages ready for delivery
  • Channel status, Channels per connection, Channel send /receive rate
  • Memory usage, Disk usage
  • Queue idle time, Queue memory

This information can be combined with information provided by AutoPilot for other components within the application and integration infrastructure, such as operating system metrics and log files, to derive further insight into the performance and operation of the RabbitMQ environment.

Transaction Tracking and Analytics

Transaction Tracking and Analytics

Discover & Visualize the pathway a transaction follows through your entire application stack and compare it to the historical record, providing an additional dimension of understanding using knowledge you have already built into your RabbitMQ infrastructure.

  • Trace the pathway of each transaction (or event)
  • Track each transaction, comparing it the historical record
  • Overlay performance data from each system or component
  • Report on any anomalies
  • Show elapsed time of message workflows from start to end
  • Drill down into details of messaging events and timings
  • Show elapsed time of each message “hop” (event)
  • Identify root cause : events and resources that may have contributed to
  • increased time e.g. CPU contention
  • Learn the topology of message flows
  • Detect and alert upon exceptions based on historical data learned from prior messages flows
  • Recognize changes in workflow timings such that a new baseline can be formed
Management Information (MI)

Management Information (MI)

Interactive dashboards are provided for displaying and exploring the performance from both and IT and a business point of view to see the state and behavior of the business over time.

meshIQ helps companies achieve flawless delivery of digital services powered by RabbitMQ and other middleware, detecting anomalies, accelerating decisions, and answering business-centric questions, providing actionable guidance for decision-makers and enabling customers to constantly innovate.

Best Practices in Monitoring RabbitMQ

In order to detect anomalies and prevent runtime issues that can compromise the delivery of business services that depend upon RabbitMQ, effective monitoring, alerting and analytics tools can make a big difference. But are all of the available tools alike? In this video meshIQ Technologies’ Technical Services Vice President, Scott Corrigan discusses the latest best practices in monitoring RabbitMQ and the broader enterprise application stack (infrastructure, messaging middleware, platforms, and applications).