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Re-Image Your Java APM


Java profilers are either too expensive or too limited. At meshIQ, we give you the best of both.

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What is RemoraJ?

What is RemoraJ?

Gain visibility into what’s coming in and out of your Java apps by tracking calls such as HTTP, WebServices, JDBC, JMS, Sockets, WebSocket, IO Streams, Kafka and other inter JVM/IPC communications. Connect calls across JVM with RemoraJ message correlators.

  • Open source java bytecode agent (released under Apache 2.0 License)
  • Designed for developers & performance engineers
  • Intra and cross JVM call tracking
  • Profile java apps with minimum overhead
  • Optimized for QA, UAT and Production environments
  • Programmable, extensible

Why RemoraJ?

Feature Description
Profiling with low overhead Profile apps during load, integration, and production with low overhead. RemoraJ instruments only critical portions of your code.
Track Java IPC See what is coming in and out of the java apps: HTTP, WebSockets, IO Streams, JDBC, JMS and more.
Dynamically enable/disable profiling Turn instrumentation on/off without restarts, on—demand using programmable APIs (REST). Why have profiling enabled all the time? For example: Run a curl command and enable/disable HTTP intercept on the fly. Gather your traces and analyze results.
Stack trace and heap dumps Generate stack traces or heap dumps remotely during problem determination.
Fully programmable, extensible Control RemoraJ via REST API, build extensions and integrate with your tools.
Built by Developers for Developers and Performance Engineers

Built by Developers for Developers and Performance Engineers

Simple, Easy to Deploy
No need to buy an APM solution. Deploy in minutes

Low Overhead
Only critical sections of the code are instrumented

Standalone or Integrated
Use standalone or connect to XRay or your own solution for analysis

Watch How RemoraJ Can Be Used for Java Profiling and Analytics