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Published June 16, 2022

Shifting to the cloud? Multi-cloud environments enable organizations to expand their computing and storage capacities easily, but that comes with tradeoffs — topping the list: cybersecurity.

What makes cloud computing appealing is also a reason to worry.

4 Multi-Cloud Misconceptions that Put Organizations at Risk
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Published June 13, 2022

What would happen if your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system were attacked? For many companies, the consequences would be devastating. ERP systems not only contain the crown jewels of the business—customer data, stock levels, order entries, production plans, and contract data—they also manage such essential financial processes as order to cash (OTC), and operational processes such as production planning and steering and cash collection and payments.

Seven steps to help protect your ERP system against cyberattacks
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Published August 23, 2021

As a child, I felt obliged to read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Having done so, I thought the writing was terrible, the technical descriptions of places tedious, and the songs awful. However, everyone I knew was always quoting phrases from these books, and so I needed to understand the references.

Middleware Management can sometimes have too much in common with Lord of the Rings.