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Published September 16, 2022


Service automation is the process of automating processes, events, tasks, and business functions. It offers multidimensional visibility of the business, which helps you streamline the business process.

It integrates the domain functionality tools with various layers of automation within a unified interface or workflows.

What Is Service Automation?
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Published December 14, 2021

It seems that every few weeks, we are alerted to a new significant security issue within one of the plethoras of code elements that are widely used. The same pundits discuss the same range of concerns with open-sourced code each time.

Log4j gets added to the code “wall of shame.”
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Published August 24, 2021

Today’s decision-making is different than even a few years ago.  More “data” is used, and the data inputs take several forms, including humans.

A big part of today’s strategy and decision-making at enterprise-class organizations are committees, made up of a company’s subject matter experts and relevant stakeholders for a critical company initiative.  They may meet quarterly or as needed and the committee work is in addition to their “day job.”

In a recent survey of decision-makers and professionals working in, or overseeing, integration infrastructure (i2) architecture or operations at large enterprises, we found that these corporate priorities warranted having a committee:

Top Committees in 2021:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • IT Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Quality / Customer Experience (CX) Improvement
  • Other - Integrations

Upon further discussion with senior executives, we kept hearing that while all committees officially drove strategy and direction for their initiative, the named initiatives with both a committee and an attached budget to fund the initiative made progress much more quickly.

Who is Driving Enterprise-wide Innovation, Transformation, Cloud Strategy and More?