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Published April 5, 2021

Customer experience, also known as CX, is a hot topic today.  Observability and AIOps (machine learning and artificial intelligence for IT operations), can be used for determining and linking transaction performance to your business performance, in real-time.  That makes them hot topics as well.  I recently spoke with two experts about the intersection of these topics to discuss what leading companies are doing (and evaluating) in these areas, and how they’re doing it.  The discussion includes these areas:

  • AIOps
  • CX (Customer Experience)
  • Observability
  • Advanced Troubleshooting and RCA (root cause analysis)
  • Next Generation Monitoring / APM
  • End-to-end Message and Transaction Tracking
  • IBM MQ, Kafka, and challenges with monitoring and management of multi-middleware environments
  • Build vs.
Leigh Reed
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Published August 27, 2020

monitoring SLA's - That may sound like an easy and obvious request, but it can be incredibly complex to get a useful answer.

Firstly, you need to be able to describe your SLA (service level agreement) analytically, and then secondly you need to be able to trace each transaction from beginning to end to be able to identify any attributes that didn’t meet the definition within the SLA.

Show me every transaction that missed the SLA this week?