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Published September 15, 2022

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are complex things. There are so many things to know. These days human life has changed because of AI. So, before understanding the differences, let’s know about different factors.

If I have to say the difference in simple words. AI helps us solve various tasks; on the other hand, Machine Learning is the subset of AI’s specific tasks. So, you can say that all Machine Learning is AI, but all AI is not machine learning.

As a python developer, I will tell you different factors about these two things. AI and Machine Learning are connected with one another. Here I will discuss various aspects of these two things. I hope this article will help you to understand and clarify any confusion.

Artificial Intelligence

In simple words, there are computer programs that mimic human functions, that is, Artificial Intelligence. Examples of these functions are problem-solving and learning through errors and experience. A computer system takes help from math and logic to duplicate reasoning. We, humans, learn from knowledge, information, and data; after that, we make decisions. Computers do the same thing with the help of AI.

Machine Learning

There are so many different thoughts amongst people about machine learning. But, machine learning is an application of AI. Computers use mathematical models for learning, and they need no human instructions. Machine learning is the whole process through which computers do these things. It is a process that helps computers to learn and improve new things, and this learning process is based on experience.

Confusion About AI And Machine Learning

There are people who think that these two things are the same, and there are people who think that these two things are different. But in reality, these two things are connected. They are not the same, but when we say machine learning, there is an AI behind it. In simple words, machine learning is a part of the AI, or you can say a subset.

Connection Between AI And Machine Learning

Computers that use AI act like humans and do all their tasks independently. Through learning and experiencing, the computer develops its intelligence; in simple terms, machine learning is the process. Every business can use AI and machine learning, from multinational companies to grocery stores.

It is a process to educate the computers to work like a human brain. We, humans, gather experience with time and learning. A computer with an AI does the same process, and the process is called machine learning. People think these two things are different, but these two things work closely to solve critical problems.

The Process of AI And Machine Learning

You must be wondering how these two things work together to get a solution. This process will help you to see how these work together.

  • First Step – Machine learning and other techniques are used to build an AI system
  • Second Step – Machine learning models are developed by analyzing the data patterns
  • Third Step – Data scientists evaluate the patterns in the information and data. Machine learning is based on this information
  • Fourth Step – Repetition of the process helps machine learning to get more accurate results. And finally, the tasks are done


These days every company is adapting machine learning to their business. With the help of AI and machine learning, there are more opportunities. But there are a lot of new ways to help different agencies. Now coming to the point, there are a few examples of these two things.

With these examples, you will understand how AI and machine learning are helping humans to make their life easy and fast.

Predictive Analysis

There is a need to predict many things before the actual incident. For example, suppose a marketing company wants to know about the consumers and their buying habits. The capability to predict future things early helps the companies to understand different behavioral patterns. Machine learning uses cause and effect and goes through various information and data.

Recommendation Engines

Machine learning and AI help companies identify the best things for their company. These two things recommend the best things through data analysis.

Speech Recognition

AI and machine learning do many things. One of these things is speech recognition. Everyone uses this process in their everyday life. There are natural language settings, and also spoken language is there. It also helps in written language.

Video And Image Processing

We set our smartphones to identify faces, images, and videos. For example, I set my screen lock to face recognition. This capability helps the users to specify different images and videos, and later, users search for these items online.

Sentiment Analysis

This capability will make an impression on our minds. Through this capability, computers analyze attitudes and approaches like positive, negative, and neutral. Through voice or written expressions, AI and machine learning use this capability.


AI has its own benefits, and machine learning has its own benefits. But when these two things work simultaneously, there are a lot of benefits that we can get.

Data Input

There is a need to discover significant information for different businesses. AI and machine learning provides a wide range of data sources.

Operational Efficiency

There are so many things that are operated automatically. Examples of these automated processes are in factories, data entry, etc. These two things cut costs and let the companies use resources in other areas. Also, it enables companies to save time and resources.

Better And Faster

AI helps to understand human errors and provides more efficiency and data integrity. It allows companies to work well and fast. Decisions are based on AI and machine learning.

To Conclude

I hope now you have a better understanding of AI and machine learning. Both these two things are connected and work together to achieve better results.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you.

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