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Published December 16, 2021

Nastel Products Are Not Affected by Log4j Vulnerability Issues

Nastel Products Are Not Affected by Log4j Vulnerability Issues

i2M Leader’s Customers Protected from Latest Open-Source Vulnerability

Recent news about Log4j has enterprises and vendors scrambling for information and answers, including customers of messaging middleware and Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M) products.

Nastel Technologies customers will not be exposed to any risks from this vulnerability, but enterprises are encouraged to check with their Cloud and other solution vendors to protect themselves and their data.

As with all security vulnerabilities, Nastel actively monitors them and takes the necessary action to address them. We notify customers via the Nastel support newsletter, support system, resource center, and social media outlets as required.

You can monitor Nastel’s ongoing response to this specific issue at Nastel’s detailed response (on the Nastel Resource Center); here is an excerpt:

This vulnerability does not impact your usage of Nastel products in Log4jV2. We do not log information in the way that would require leveraging the vulnerability.

Many customers have asked about our usage of Log4jV1 since that offering is at the end of life. As noted above, our usage of log4j is limited to logging data from the Nastel components and does not expose risks in use.

Nastel is advising customers and industry professionals with any questions about secure i2M solutions or Log4j to contact Nastel at

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Read more about Nastel’s latest Press Release here.

About Nastel:
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