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Published December 16, 2021

Recent news about Log4j has enterprises and vendors scrambling for information and answers, including customers of messaging middleware and Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M) products.

Nastel Technologies customers will not be exposed to any risks from this vulnerability, but enterprises are encouraged to check with their Cloud and other solution vendors to protect themselves and their data.

Nastel Products Are Not Affected by Log4j Vulnerability Issues
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Published July 17, 2020

After reading Richard's blog about large balloons in India, I felt the need to explore this topic a little further.

A few years back I was on a business trip to Bangalore, and one night while in my hotel room reading the paper copy of the Bangalore times (a free paper left in my hotel room by the staff) , I came upon a really interesting article about luxury train journeys across Africa.

A Really Big Blog Part 2!